HFA Back Home in Los Angeles after Trip from New York

//HFA Back Home in Los Angeles after Trip from New York

Monday, 26 June 2017 – HFA is back in Los Angeles after spending the past week in New York exploring the youth sports landscape in the East Coast. HFA was fortunate to travel with its parent company, HUP, as they shadowed a Dutch Delegation specializing in the Sports Technology and Innovation sector.

HFA’s purpose for going on the trip was to build on the momentum that HFA has experienced over the past few months. In addition to focusing on sports leadership and education, HFA also hosts after school programs and street soccer tournaments to introduce soccer at the grassroots level.

During the trip HFA was able to coordinate meetings with top executives from some of the best organizations in the world. First, HFA had the pleasure of meeting Harrie Bakst, Partner of Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group, focusing on the Non-Profit and Corporate Responsibility sector. Next HFA met with David Krichavsky, VP of Youth Basketball Development at the NBA, discussing initiatives and programs that are being established to better improve organized youth sports. The following day HFA met with Jeremy Fix, Senior Coordinator of Player Competition and Alfonso Mondelo, Director of Player Programs, discussing the future of MLS and the role it will play in youth development. Lastly, HFA met with New York Red Bull’s Director of Youth Programs, Bob Montgomery, and Sporting Director, Dennis Hamlett. During this visit HFA had the opportunity to tour the NY Redbull’s facilities as well as discuss the initiatives for player development and recreational programming as they are tied to professional clubs.

The entirety of the trip was focused around youth sports specifically with training, programming, development and coaching. The discussions during each visit were interactive and collaborative as each meeting explored for solutions and resources to better enhance the overall experience involved with youth sports. All in all, HFA is grateful and motivated to carry over all of the resources and knowledge gained during the trip back to the West Coast and develop initiatives allowing HFA to provide quality coaches, leaders, and role models for our participants.

Playing at your HOME FIELD should always be an ADVANTAGE!

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